wickedqueenlovesapples asked: Hello there! Just wanted to say I appreciate your blog (not nearly enough bennefrost on the Internet as it is). Keep up the awesomeness! Also: do you two ever play hide and seek? And, if so, how does it generally end up? Who would win?




Jamie: “After having enough of playing Hide and Seek, I acted as if I couldn’t see Jack… The end of the story: I had to comfort him for like 2 weeks and had to swear, we won’t play it ever again.”

Jack: “He was just angry because he always lost!”

((Hi guys, Panda speaking! I have not abandoned the blog (yet) and I started working on some asks again.
I thought about changing the theme because I simply don’t like it anymore…  Anything I should include/pay attention to?))

Anonymous asked: Hey Jack and Jamie, what is each of your favourite fandoms?


Jamie: “Natsume Yuujinchou!”
Jack: “No, Psycho-Pass is much cooler!”

Jamie: “I’m not even kidding, we haven’t got a new ask in half a year!”

Merry Christmas!

Jack is bouncing on my bed, totally excited, and asking every two minutes when he can open the presents. Sophie joined him and I think I’m going crazy…

Jamie: "Jack, we’re supposed to look scary! What have you done?"
Jack: “Sorry, Jim-Jam, I’m the guardian of fun, remember?”

Thanks a lot for 300 follower!

We’re very happy that you sticked with us, even if we are a bit lazy right now. Jack’s currently unavailable but he sends you his greetings on a snowflake *winkwonk*

rose-overlord-frost asked: so Jamie does Jack understand most references e.g 69 and so on and Jack *winks* you are the uke in the relationship.(I am also the spirit of Ireland and the weather and sea)


Jamie: “Hey, wanna try out the ‘The Glowing Juniper’ next?”
Jack: “The— what??”

Anonymous asked: Hey, uh, Jamie, have you ever had to wake up Jack from one of his nightmares? :( It seems like they bother him a lot.


Jamie: “He doesn’t sleep often because he rather watches me sleep. And I never noticed anything odd if he joined me.”

Anonymous asked: Have you two figured out who tops most of the time? I think Jamie works perfectly for it. XD Jack is too small and frail to pull off being dominate, but Jamie is perfect at it. (Also because Jack is such a shorty)


Today’s  art is brought to you by the beautiful and amazing yarrayora!

Jamie: “Jack’s so pissed, he froze her computer… *chuckle*”
Jack: “omfgshutthefuckupJamie”